HMM Summary Page: TIGR04043

Functionradical SAM protein, MSMEG_0568 family
Trusted Cutoff303.70
Domain Trusted Cutoff303.70
Noise Cutoff170.55
Domain Noise Cutoff170.55
Isology Typehypoth_equivalog
HMM Length354
AuthorHaft DH
Entry DateJul 20 2010 3:14PM
Last ModifiedFeb 14 2011 3:27PM
CommentMembers of this protein family are radical SAM proteins related to MSMEG_0568 from Mycobacterium smegmatis. Members occur within 8-gene operons in species as diverse as M. smegmatis, Rhizobium leguminosarum, Synechococcus elongatus, and Sorangium cellulosum. The function of the operon is unknown, but similarity of MSMEG_0568 to some cofactor biosynthesis radical SAM proteins suggests a similar biosynthetic function.
Genome PropertyGenProp0939: rSAM-containing biosynthetic cluster, MSMEG_0568 system (HMM)