HMM Summary Page: TIGR04434

FunctionB12-binding domain/radical SAM domain protein
Trusted Cutoff550.00
Domain Trusted Cutoff550.00
Noise Cutoff400.00
Domain Noise Cutoff400.00
Isology Typehypoth_equivalog
HMM Length515
AuthorHaft DH
Entry DateApr 25 2013 5:22PM
Last ModifiedApr 25 2013 5:22PM
CommentMembers of this family are radical SAM domain (PF04055) enzymes with an N-terminal B12-binding domain (PF02310), as is fairly common for radical SAM enzymes with lipid substrates. However, both domains as found in this family seem to be long-branch and mostly score below the cutoffs for their respective HMMs. The function is unknown, but all cases a PLP-dependent enzyme (a cysteine desulfurase homolog) is found nearby.