HMM Summary Page: TIGR04124

Functionarchaeosortase family protein ArtE
Gene SymbolartE
Trusted Cutoff95.00
Domain Trusted Cutoff95.00
Noise Cutoff65.00
Domain Noise Cutoff65.00
Isology Typehypoth_equivalog
HMM Length153
AuthorHaft DH
Entry DateFeb 10 2011 1:51PM
Last ModifiedJun 8 2011 1:37PM
CommentThis protein family is related to the predicted protein-sorting transpeptidase Exosortase (EpsH), with the Cys, Arg, and His putative active site residues preserved, but it is strictly archaeal and is not associated with any known PEP-CTERM-like target sequence. The immediate gene neighborhood in most genomes suggests RNA (methylase, cyclase) and cofactor (thiamine pyrophosphate) metabolism. The function is unknown. It is designated archaeosortase family protein ArtE.