HMM Summary Page: TIGR03661

Functiontype I secretion C-terminal target domain (VC_A0849 subclass)
Trusted Cutoff17.60
Domain Trusted Cutoff17.60
Noise Cutoff7.90
Domain Noise Cutoff7.90
Isology Typedomain
HMM Length91
Mainrole CategoryCellular processes
Subrole CategoryPathogenesis
AuthorHaft DH
Entry DateSep 22 2008 1:15PM
Last ModifiedSep 7 2011 10:33AM
CommentThis model represents a C-terminal domain associated with secretion by type 1 secretion systems (T1SS). Members of this subclass do not include the RtxA toxin of Vibrio cholerae and its homologs, although the two classes of proteins share large size, occurrence in genomes with T1SS, regions with long tandem repeats, and regions with the glycine-rich repeat modeled by PF00353.