HMM Summary Page: TIGR03192

Functionbenzoyl-CoA reductase, bzd-type, Q subunit
Gene SymbolbzdQ
Trusted Cutoff380.20
Domain Trusted Cutoff380.20
Noise Cutoff280.95
Domain Noise Cutoff280.95
Isology Typeequivalog
EC Number1.3.7.8
HMM Length293
AuthorHaft DH
Entry DateDec 7 2006 3:42PM
Last ModifiedFeb 14 2011 3:27PM
CommentMembers of this family are the Q subunit of one of two related types of four-subunit ATP-dependent benzoyl-CoA reductase. This enzyme system catalyzes the dearomatization of benzoyl-CoA, a common intermediate in pathways for the degradation for a number of different aromatic compounds, such as phenol and toluene.