HMM Summary Page: TIGR02872

Functionsporulation integral membrane protein YtvI
Gene SymbolytvI
Trusted Cutoff198.15
Domain Trusted Cutoff198.15
Noise Cutoff147.55
Domain Noise Cutoff147.55
Isology Typeequivalog
HMM Length341
Mainrole CategoryCellular processes
Subrole CategorySporulation and germination
Gene Ontology TermGO:0003674: molecular_function molecular_function
GO:0016021: integral to membrane cellular_component
GO:0030436: asexual sporulation biological_process
AuthorHaft DH
Entry DateMar 7 2006 3:30PM
Last ModifiedFeb 14 2011 3:27PM
CommentThree lines of evidence show this protein to be involved in sporulation. First, it is under control of a sporulation-specific sigma factor, sigma-E. Second, mutation leads to a sporulation defect. Third, it if found in exactly those genomes whose bacteria are capable of sporulation, except for being absent in Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC824. This protein has extensive hydrophobic regions and is likely an integral membrane protein.
ReferencesRN [1] RM 12662922 RT The sigmaE regulon and the identification of additional sporulation genes in Bacillus subtilis. RA Eichenberger P, Jensen ST, Conlon EM, van Ooij C, Silvaggi J, Gonzalez-Pastor JE, Fujita M, Ben-Yehuda S, Stragier P, Liu JS, Losick R. RL J Mol Biol. 2003 Apr 11;327(5):945-72.
Genome PropertyGenProp0610: endospore formation marker gene set (HMM)