HMM Summary Page: TIGR02187

Functionglutaredoxin-like domain protein
Trusted Cutoff161.30
Domain Trusted Cutoff161.30
Noise Cutoff126.30
Domain Noise Cutoff126.30
Isology Typehypoth_equivalog
HMM Length216
AuthorSelengut J
Entry DateMay 11 2004 2:57PM
Last ModifiedMar 1 2011 11:50AM
CommentThis family of archaeal proteins contains a C-terminal domain with homology to bacterial and eukaryotic glutaredoxins, including a CPYC motif. There is an N-terminal domain which has even more distant homology to glutaredoxins. The name "glutaredoxin" may be inappropriate in the sense of working in tandem with glutathione and glutathione reductase which may not be present in the archaea. The overall domain structure appears to be related to bacterial alkylhydroperoxide reductases, but the homology may be distant enough that the function of this family is wholly different.