HMM Summary Page: TIGR02104

Functionpullulanase, type I
Gene SymbolpulA
Trusted Cutoff504.50
Domain Trusted Cutoff504.50
Noise Cutoff431.75
Domain Noise Cutoff431.75
Isology Typeequivalog
EC Number3.2.1.41
HMM Length605
Gene Ontology TermGO:0051060: pullulanase activity molecular_function
AuthorHaft DH
Entry DateJan 20 2004 4:35PM
Last ModifiedFeb 14 2011 3:27PM
CommentPullulan is an unusual, industrially important polysaccharide in which short alpha-1,4 chains (maltotriose) are connected in alpha-1,6 linkages. Enzymes that cleave alpha-1,6 linkages in pullulan and release maltotriose are called pullulanases although pullulan itself may not be the natural substrate. This family consists of pullulanases related to the subfamilies described in TIGR02102 and TIGR02103 but having a different domain architecture with shorter sequences. Members are called type I pullulanases.
ReferencesRN [1] RM 9375788 RT Cloning and sequence of a type I pullulanase from an extremely thermophilic anaerobic bacterium, Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus. RA Biochim Biophys Acta. 1997 Oct 9; 1354(1): 35-9. DR SP|O33840; Thermotoga maritima DR GB|AAB06264.1; Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus