HMM Summary Page: TIGR01856

Functionhistidinol phosphate phosphatase, HisJ family
Trusted Cutoff90.20
Domain Trusted Cutoff90.20
Noise Cutoff38.60
Domain Noise Cutoff38.60
Isology Typesubfamily
HMM Length252
AuthorHaft DH
Entry DateMar 20 2003 3:59PM
Last ModifiedMay 25 2011 6:48PM
CommentThis HMM represents the histidinol phosphate phosphatase HisJ of Bacillus subtilis, and related proteins from a number of species within a larger family of phosphatases in the PHP hydrolase family. HisJ catalyzes the penultimate step of histidine biosynthesis but shows no homology to the functionally equivalent sequence in E. coli, a domain of the bifunctional HisB protein. Note, however, that many species have two members and that Clostridium perfringens, predicted not to make histidine, has five members of this family; this family is designated subfamily rather than equivalog to indicate that members may not all act as HisJ.
ReferencesRM 10322033 RT Histidinol phosphate phosphatase, catalyzing the penultimate step of the histidine biosynthesis pathway, is encoded by ytvP (hisJ) in Bacillus subtilis. RA le Coq D, Fillinger S, Aymerich S. RL J Bacteriol 1999 May;181(10):3277-80
Genome PropertyGenProp0109: histidine biosynthesis from ribose-5-phosphate (HMM)