HMM Summary Page: TIGR00195

Functionexodeoxyribonuclease III
Gene Symbolxth
Trusted Cutoff182.55
Domain Trusted Cutoff182.55
Noise Cutoff83.20
Domain Noise Cutoff83.20
Isology Typeequivalog
EC Number3.1.11.2
HMM Length254
Mainrole CategoryDNA metabolism
Subrole CategoryDNA replication, recombination, and repair
Gene Ontology TermGO:0006281: DNA repair biological_process
GO:0008853: exodeoxyribonuclease III activity molecular_function
AuthorLoftus BJ
Entry DateApr 20 1999 2:07PM
Last ModifiedFeb 14 2011 3:27PM
CommentThe model brings in reverse transcriptases at scores below 50, model also contains eukaryotic apurinic/apyrimidinic endonucleases which group in the same family
ReferencesSE AL A2 hmmalign SE TIGR GA hmmls AL clustalw, belvu